Best Restaurants in Ibiza

There are a few destinations in the world which are known for a specific thing. It does not mean that the particular destination has nothing other than that to offer. Just because of the popularity of that one specific entity the rest of what those places have gets overshadowed.

Ibiza is one of those places which known for its nightlife, parties, clubs, pubs and so on. But the place also has a lot of amazing restaurants that will treat your taste buds.  Here are some of the best restaurants that you need to try out in Ibiza.


Bambuudha is a Buddha-themed restaurant that not just serves great food, but also can take you a bit closer to your spiritual life. In Bambuudha the customers have the option of choosing from the table in the dining area or in an open area where you can enjoy the meal by gazing at the widespread blue sky. For more than a decade the tourists from all over the world have made sure to drop in at the Bambuddha during their visit to Ibiza.


Mar A Vila

Mar A Vila is located in the main city. It is actually good that it is far away from the San Antonio which is the party hub of Ibiza. Mar A Vila is very famous among the locals, and one shouldn’t be surprised if someone recommends you to grab a meal there, especially if you are on your way with a luxury car rental from They offer the best tapas and pintxos. At Mar A Vila you can find all kinds of cuisine under one roof. If you are someone who has the capacity to eat a lot, this is the ideal place for you.  Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack there are no second thoughts on the fact that Mar A Vila can offer you the best.

Sa Capella

Sa Capella was actually a church. It is one restaurant that has a lot of history to it. Sa Capella is known for sticking on to the original and amazing recipes for almost fifteen years. There is a change in the menu according to the seasons. Some of the signature dishes of Sa Capella include suckling pig and ox on a bed of salt. The bottom line is that Sa Capella offers an awesome dining experience in a breathtaking ambiance.

Sa Capella

La Casita

The translation of La Casita to English is The Cottage. It was a farmhouse that is renovated into a restaurant. The décor is mostly of European style. There is a wide range of cuisines available that includes France, Spain, and Austria. Some of the important dishes include the platter of Serrano Ham, beef bourguignon and chateaubriand steak.  The pine forests around the restaurant provide the perfect view during the evenings and the nights. It is a great place to visit with a luxury car rental, which you can get from one of the best places to hire a car.

La Bodega

One of the standout characteristics of La Bodega is that they never complicate the dishes; they try to keep it as simple as possible. They have this typical Spanish style of cooking. Remember the fact that the restaurant is very casual because the Spanish method of dining is very informal.