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Ibiza Tourism

Ibiza is one of the first choices when it comes to exotic locations. The place that is known for its vibrant nightlife has a lot to offer to people from all around the world.

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Ibiza Water Sports

For an adventurous person Ibiza will definitely be an ideal spot as it has a lot of water sports.

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Things to do in Ibiza

Ibiza coast

It would not be a false statement to say that Ibiza has been dominating the party and the nightlife scene for the past two decades. Some of the clubs have won the prestigious Global Club Award many times.

We do accept the fact that when someone is traveling to Ibiza, they should enjoy the nightlife that the place offers. But at the same time, most of the people are consumed by this party life and pubs in Ibiza thinking that there is nothing else to do. Here are some of the things that you need to do when you are Ibiza.

Dalt Vila UNESCO site

The oldest part of Ibiza stays strong by the forts built by the Charles V during the 16th century.  These walls were actually constructed to defend the attacks of the pirates and forces from other countries.  There are seven stations in total. Each station has its own story. Dalt Vila is also the highest part of Ibiza.

Dalt Vila UNESCO site

Ibiza Cathedral

From the outside, the Ibiza Cathedral might look like a very old building.  But the building houses a lot of galleries, boutiques, and bakeries. The cathedral is located at the top of the old city. The view from the top is very captivating. You can also witness the gothic paintings that belong to the 14th and 15th century.

 Playa d’en bossa

The longest beach of Ibiza has the most famous resort in the island. On a warm summer day, it is the ideal destination to have the time of your life by partying. As time goes by you can also dose off hearing the relaxing music. There are also lot of adventure sports including jet skiing, paddleboats and so on. There are also lots of places where you can pick up some amazing food. The two of the biggest clubs in Ibiza Ushuaia and Space are very near to the resort.

San Antonio

San Antonio is located on the west coast of the island. San Antonio is a spot in Ibiza where you can enjoy the best of everything. The place has crystal clear beaches, electrifying nightclubs, and restaurants that provide you with delicious food and a lot more. Make sure to drop in at Café del Mar to treat your ears with amazing music and treat your eyes with a breathtaking sunset.


Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia is a family resort that is located on the east coast of the island that is almost fifteen kilometers away from the Ibiza town. Most of the front part of the resort is covered with beaches.  The only golf course in Ibiza is located near to the resort. During Saturdays, the Las Dalias Hippie Market takes place where you can grab the local artifacts.

Punta d’es Moscarter

The Punta d’es Moscarter is the northern tip of the island. This part of Ibiza has pine forests and farmlands. This is one part of Ibiza that can test your stamina. Reach the cliff top from Portinatx to the lighthouse which was built in the 70s. The lighthouse is also the tallest man-made structure on the island.

Places to Visit in Ibiza


Ibiza is one of the most sort out, exotic and famous tourist locations. This small island is packed with a lot of tourist attraction that lures people from all around the world. Even though the island is known for its fun-filled nightlife, it has a lot of amazing spots that can be an absolute treat for your eyes. Here are some of the places that you need to visit in Ibiza.

Es Canar

Es Canner is a beach resort that is located in the eastern side of the island. Es Canar is for its hippy markets, which is held every Wednesday. It is a great place to buy the local handicrafts.  The pine forests and the sandy shorelines make it the perfect spot to chill. For a person who loves to spend time on the beach, this could be the dream destination.

Es Canar


Portinatx is located on the northern coast of the island. It is a resort with three breathtaking beaches. The largest beach is the sandy S’Arenal Gros.  The other two beaches are comparatively less crowded and very private. All these beaches have lifeguards, sun beds and so on. Portinax can cater to any type of people that come to the beach. It can serve as a perfect spot for people who want rest and also thanks to the clear waters it is also famous for water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving.

Es Vedra

Es Vedra is one of the must-visit spots in Ibiza. It is located near the coast of the Cala d’Hort on the westerns coast. One of the important facts of Es Vedra is that there is no human life on the landscape. There are a lot of controversies and myths surrounding the island. One of the most famous is the presence of the Phoenician lunar goddess. People state that the island has a lot of high magnetic properties. There are rides in cruises to the island from which you can have a very clear view.


Sant Antoni de Portmany

Sant Antoni de Portmany is also known as San Antonio, is one of the most sort out destinations in Ibiza. It is mainly because of the extravagant and energetic nightlife.  From the late evenings till the early mornings you can see people drinking and dancing all over the place.  There are a lot of cafés and bars that provide you with a great view of the sunset.


Sant Josep de Sa Talaia

When people think about the places to visit in Ibiza the things that come to their minds are bars, party, cafes, restaurants and so on. But there is this other side of Ibiza that most of them miss out. You can find some the most amazing views of Ibiza on the southwest of the island. The Salinas Natural Park and Vendranell Nature Reserve are some of the best examples. There are also some amazing beaches at Cala Comte which would serve as the perfect spot for you to relax.

Best Restaurants in Ibiza


There are a few destinations in the world which are known for a specific thing. It does not mean that the particular destination has nothing other than that to offer. Just because of the popularity of that one specific entity the rest of what those places have gets overshadowed.

Ibiza is one of those places which known for its nightlife, parties, clubs, pubs and so on. But the place also has a lot of amazing restaurants that will treat your taste buds.  Here are some of the best restaurants that you need to try out in Ibiza.


Bambuudha is a Buddha-themed restaurant that not just serves great food, but also can take you a bit closer to your spiritual life. In Bambuudha the customers have the option of choosing from the table in the dining area or in an open area where you can enjoy the meal by gazing at the widespread blue sky. For more than a decade the tourists from all over the world have made sure to drop in at the Bambuddha during their visit to Ibiza.


Mar A Vila

Mar A Vila is located in the main city. It is actually good that it is far away from the San Antonio which is the party hub of Ibiza. Mar A Vila is very famous among the locals, and one shouldn’t be surprised if someone recommends you to grab a meal there, especially if you are on your way with a luxury car rental from https://www.apexluxurycarhire.com/car-rental-locations/spain/ibiza/. They offer the best tapas and pintxos. At Mar A Vila you can find all kinds of cuisine under one roof. If you are someone who has the capacity to eat a lot, this is the ideal place for you.  Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack there are no second thoughts on the fact that Mar A Vila can offer you the best.

Sa Capella

Sa Capella was actually a church. It is one restaurant that has a lot of history to it. Sa Capella is known for sticking on to the original and amazing recipes for almost fifteen years. There is a change in the menu according to the seasons. Some of the signature dishes of Sa Capella include suckling pig and ox on a bed of salt. The bottom line is that Sa Capella offers an awesome dining experience in a breathtaking ambiance.

Sa Capella

La Casita

The translation of La Casita to English is The Cottage. It was a farmhouse that is renovated into a restaurant. The décor is mostly of European style. There is a wide range of cuisines available that includes France, Spain, and Austria. Some of the important dishes include the platter of Serrano Ham, beef bourguignon and chateaubriand steak.  The pine forests around the restaurant provide the perfect view during the evenings and the nights. It is a great place to visit with a luxury car rental, which you can get from one of the best places to hire a car.

La Bodega

One of the standout characteristics of La Bodega is that they never complicate the dishes; they try to keep it as simple as possible. They have this typical Spanish style of cooking. Remember the fact that the restaurant is very casual because the Spanish method of dining is very informal.

Best Hotels in Ibiza


Ibiza, Spain is very famous for its party and the night club scene. If you are thinking that it is what Ibiza is all about, well it is high time that you change your perspective about Ibiza.

The place has a lot to offer. The luxurious hotels with the best amenities will definitely surprise you in every aspect. From the moment you step into these hotels, you can literally experience the awesomeness of these hotels. Here are some of the best hotels in Ibiza.

Hotel Mirador de Dalt Vila

Hotel Mirador de Dalt Vila was built in the year 1904. Back then it was a very famous townhouse. It is situated in the old walled quarter of Dalt Via which is considered to be one of the o most elegant, luxurious and romantic properties in Ibiza. The hotel has 12 rooms that are decorated with seven types of marbles. One of the important aspects of the hotel is that they have maintained the old style of the building. Some important services include a private yacht, luxury vehicle pickups, and butlers.

Agroturismo Sa Vinya D’en Palerm

Aguas de Ibiza Lifestyle & Spa

Aguas de Ibiza Lifestyle and Spa has 112 rooms in total. The contemporary designs of the rooms and the view of the beach make Aguas de Ibiza Lifestyle & Spa the most preferred hotel in Ibiza. The property offers a great spa and hydrotherapy. The amazing Mediterranean restaurant provides you with an opportunity to devour, lip-smacking food.

Agroturismo Sa Vinya D’en Palerm

The Agroturismo Sa Vinya D’en Palerm is located just 10 min away from Port de Sant Miguel in Ibiza. If you are a person who is looking for a quiet stay, this is the ideal place to be. The place has all the amenities that you could ever expect in a luxury hotel. There are various small restaurants in the hotel that offers you various dishes that are prepared from homegrown materials. The place has a properly equipped gym and yoga studio with certified trainers.  A stay for a few hours is all it takes for you to fall in love this place.

Agroturismo Sa Vinya D’en Palerm

Finca Can Xuxu

This is one of the very rare kinds of hotels that you can ever find, not just in Ibiza but also in the whole world. It is located in San Jose village the southeastern side of Ibiza. It is an adult only hotel that has 12 rooms to it. Since it is not located in a very prominent place only the couples, who want to spend some lonely time book their rooms here. The 12 rooms are in a separate building and suites are in the Javanese pavilions. The suites are decorated with a lot of artifacts around the world.  The pool of Finca Can Xuxu deserves a special mention as it is surrounded by palm trees and double Balinese daybeds.

Best Clubs in Ibiza


Ibiza is a name that is very much synonymous with party, fun, and nightlife.  It is because the place houses some of the best bars and clubs in the world. If you are planning to spend a few days in Ibiza, then it is mandatory to enjoy the nightlife in the best possible way. A proper night party at Ibiza is all it takes to create an everlasting memory in your mind. Here are some of the best clubs in Ibiza

Amnesia Ibiza

It would not be an understatement if we say Amnesia Ibiza is one of the best in the world.  It has won the Best Global Club for three consecutive times. The club has the capacity to house five thousand people. Giving it a thought five thousand people under one roof partying like there is no tomorrow will definitely blow anyone’s mind. Some of the important events include foam party, La Troya, Cocoon, Pop star and The Matinee.

Amnesia Ibiza

Space Ibiza

Space Ibiza was awarded the Best Global Club Award a few years back. The music scene in Space Ibiza is out of the world. It can house a total of three thousand five hundred people.  Occasionally the Space Ibiza has world famous guest Dj’s who never miss to elevate the spirits of the people in the building.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a day club that functions on the beach of d’en Bossa which makes it a unique club in Ibiza. You can sip some amazing cocktails by enjoying the sun and dancing on the shore. The sun, seashore, electrifying music, energetic crowd, and an amazing ambiance. Life could not get better than this.

Pacha Ibiza

The experience that Pacha provides is absolutely magical. There are very good possibilities that you might visit some famous celebrities at Pacha Ibiza. The club can house nearly three thousand people. The important festivals of the club include F*** Me, I’m Famous and Party David Guetta. Party David Guetta is without second thoughts the biggest party in the whole island. The club is known for the having the some of the best Dj which include Tiesto, Flower Power, and Dj Piti. DJ Piti is also one of the founders of the club.

Privilage Ibiza

Privilage holds the Guinness Record of the biggest club in the world.  It is a huge court with a pool in the middle. The club can house nearly 6000 people. The electrifying numbers will definitely make you shake your leg and move your body.

Privilage Ibiza

El Divino

One of the biggest standouts of El Divino is that it is located on the seafront. El Divino is more relaxed and chilled out when compared to most of the places. This is one place where you can enjoy the views and as well as have a great time at the party.

Es Paradis Ibiza

Es Paradis is one of the very first clubs that was opened in the island. The major attraction of the club is the garden and the captivating white décor.  The water festival is the most important festival. Thousands of liters of water are released while you are dancing which is fun and exciting.

Best Beaches in Ibiza


Ibiza which is one of the most sort out tourist locations in the world houses some of the best beaches. The best part about the beaches in Ibiza is that it can serve all kind of people who visit. Be it taking a dip in the waters or stretching your legs in the sand or having an adventure by diving into the sea, the beaches in Ibiza can definitely satisfy the needs of all kind of people. Here are some of the best beaches in the best beaches in Ibiza.

Cala Jondal

Cala Jondal is white sand beach where you can easily spot some celebrities on the go. The famous Blue Marlin beach club is located in Cala Jondal.  You can easily see some famous personalities in various fields including sports, movies, and music here. Cala Jondal is the ideal place for you to sit back, stretch your legs and grab a glass of refreshing cocktail.

Cala Jondal

Cala D’Hort

If you want to have the perfect view of the uninhabited Ei Vedra rock island, Cala D’Hort is the best place. One of the important things that need to be remembered while visiting Cala D’ Hort is that it is a very important place. Hence it is better to reach the destination at the earliest. There will be unimaginable crowds at Cala D’Hort especially during the holidays.  At Cala D’Hort you can easily catch fresh prawns if you can go a little bit deep into the waters.

Ses Salines

Ses Saline is often rated as one of the best beaches in the world. Ses Salines is usually the first stop that people would take if they are visiting Ibiza. Ses Salines is a part of a natural park that has a beautiful stretch of fine sand that relaxes your mind and blue waters that gives everyone a great bathing experience. Ses Salines provides a wholesome Ibiza experience at a single spot.


The Talamanca is a beach with pale yellow sand that spreads across nine hundred meters.  Talamanca is a major attraction for tourists all around the world. It is jam-packed during the summers. It also has a lot of beach bars including the famous Flotante. There are also a lot of restaurants nearby so that you could grab something when you need.

Sa Caleta

Sa Caleta is just fifteen minutes away from Ibiza town. If you are opting to spend a whole day at the beach with your family, Sa Caleta would be the ideal choice.  The water is very gentle and shallow. The paella served in one of the famous restaurants La Caleta is considered to be one of the best in Ibiza.  Sa Caleta is not just about fun. It is also about the fresh and amazing seafood that you could get here.

Cala Benirras

There are a lot of people who would like to hear some music while they bath. If you want to have the same experience while taking a dip in the sea, head to Cala Benirras. It is one of the best party beaches in Ibiza. Most of the time you will have some kind of performance that includes both dance and music. Enjoying music while taking a dip in the sea is something that everyone needs to have at least once in their life.

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